Wise Words: Rebecca Minkoff

Real Beauty is being true to who you are. Other people can inspire you, but it’s about knowing how you look best.” — Rebecca Minkoff

Best known for her edgy-chic style, Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorite designers, and style inspirations. She is never afraid to express herself all the while keeping things simple, effortless, mildly girly, and a bit rough around the edges. Many of her designs incorporate pyramid studs (one of my faves!), whipstitching, leather fringe, and so many essences of rock ‘n’ roll, what’s not to love? If you’re not familiar with her look, this Elle slideshow reveals all.

I encourage all readers to look for style inspiration from other men and women—we all need a little peek into other creative minds to keep our own creativity flowing. It helps to keep things interesting, and allows you to look at your own wardrobe in a whole new light. A few of my favorites always include Kate Moss, Alice Dellal, Miranda Kerr, and Ashley Olsen. Each have their own defined style and take risks whenever they need to switch it up.

How do you look best? Who do you look to for style inspiration?

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