My Apologies

Dear Readers,

I want to apologize ahead of time for what may happen in the coming weeks. This semester is by far my most intense semester yet: I am an editorial writing intern at Gannett Custom Media (USA Today’s magazine division) and I have undertaken a huge independent study where I will be constructing several garments out of post-consumer goods (titled, “A Reflection On Consumption Through Fashion“). I am telling you this because in case I fall behind in posting, I want you to know that it is because of a tight schedule (being in-office 3x’s/week + hand crafting garments), not just because I have lost interest in imparting knowledge to all of you. I will try to maintain the twice weekly postings, but they may not fall on the usual Tuesday/Friday scheduling as always. Some weeks I may only have time for one posting, and for that I am sorry.

I try to keep my personal life and my blogging as separate as possible, but if you would like to know what I am doing this semester please tell me so in the comments section, and I will happily include photos of the garments during and after construction in a post.

If you have a particular subject matter you would like me to write about, please don’t hesitate to make requests. Feel free to either leave a comment, send me a message via the Boundless Facebook page, or send me a direct email—any and all suggestions are welcome! Even if I don’t think the answer to your question will be long enough for a full blog post, I will happily respond to your query privately.

Have a beautiful day!

xo, Julia

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