Special Post: (a bit more) About the Author

Hello there! I’m so happy you’re here. I hope you’re enjoying my weekly posts about shopping, beauty tips, personal style, recipes, and all that Boundless has come to be. That being said, I thought the least I could do is tell a little bit more about myself.

Originally from the ‘burbs of Rhode Island, I settled into Northwest DC for my undergrad years. I was used to my daily default of jeans + t-shirt + Vans—13 years of a Catholic school uniform didn’t leave me with much of a wardrobe. That is, until a part-time job at a fashion forward salon in DC introduced me to the extent that fashion can be used self-expression. I had always had an interest in fashion, but I had never had an opportunity to dress like I did. After taking fashion design and construction courses at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) during early high school years my creativity soared, but preppy suburbia wasn’t exactly familiar with leather-like pants or the rocker aesthetic that I oh-so-very-much adore.

That salon job exposed me to modeling, a whole new realm of self transformation, and a new level of confidence I didn’t know I possessed. I picked up tons of “insider” tips whether they be hair and makeup, styling, or even just understanding certain color-palettes. Being in a studio for several full days—you learn a lot more than you’d think!

And so it began: friends started seeing photos, asking hair, makeup, workout questions. I offered products and tips on how to recreate looks; I started doing friends’ makeup for sorority events; I styled myself for a few shoots, I created mood boards for collaborated shoots, I assisted other models back-stage when make-up artists were no-shows. I started becoming my own resource; I really wanted to share this knowledge with women everywhere. Thus Boundless was created.

I invite all readers to ask me any questions they have, and I will be posting my 22 favorites (with my responses) at the end of the week :) Ask away!!

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