We’re Changing…

You may have noticed a few changes here with Boundless Beauty, and I’d like to be upfront with all of you as to what’s going on:

1. Our Twitter account will be no longer. I’m leaving the account active for this week only. Since I have much less time to devote to maintaining the site, Twitter was the number one thing to go. If you’re a fan of the types of tips and articles I was tweeting please feel free to like our Facebook page. I’ll be continuing to post there on a weekly basis.

2. Frequency of posts have changed [again]. The amount that I post will never be the same that it was while I was in undergrad. I had an insane amount of time to devote once assignments were completed. Now that I’m devoting most of my time to job hunting and exploring a new city, I will still be doing posts, but according to my schedule more.

3. You’re going to see a new range of posts. Where I used to post more direct tips and opinions, I’ll be doing more how-to’s and more outfit posts, and sometimes even just my own observations. If you have a request for a post, please do not be shy! I love hearing from you guys and gals and I would be delighted to do a post on something that you’ve been curious about :)

I hope you still enjoy Boundless, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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