Want, Lust, Need Now: Nixon’s Kensington watch

Ever spot an item that just stuck with you for days and weeks after you left the store? Festering in the back of your mind to the point where you try to reason with yourself about which takes precedent: rent for the month or this particular indulgence.

Yup, it’s happened, and I’m assuming more than once. This time it struck me for an everyday essential: a silver linked watch. Now, not just any silver watch—lord knows that would’ve been too easy. A watch with a simple white face, no larger than 38mm, an uncomplicated link pattern, and quartz movement. Enter Nixon’s Kensington:
Nixon KensingtonNixon Kensington Nixon Kensington

Too simple to wear on its own, paired with a leather bracelet this is my perfect wear-to-work watch.

Nixon Kensington watch with petite Hermés leather braceletNixon Kensington watch with leather wrap braceletNixon Kensington with Burberry leather bracelet

…now Nixon, if only you would re-release the Kensington in an all-black or black/gunmetal design you will have a lifetime customer. Remember these? Yeah, I’m drooling. Please?

Nixon Kensington Matte Black Gunmetal Nixon Kensington

Have you ever been struck with the “want, lust, need now” feeling? What items are you lusting after this fall?



Allow me to reintroduce myself…

If you’ve been with me since the very start you may have noticed the mini facelift Boundless has gotten. No? Clear your cache and reload the page. Much better, right?

Why the change?
I collaborated with a former fellow intern for the original design of my blog at the end of my junior year (summer of 2012). I chose the color palette I did because I thought that the readers I wanted to attract would align more with that than with a more self-reflective design. The original feedback: “that’s so depressing. You should go with something more cheerful.” End result: a chick who has always said “I hate pink” with a blog in a pink shade. Go figure. I’ve spent hours teaching myself bits of CSS coding to get my blog exactly where it is now, and it is the fullest extension of me that I can get it to…without paying for the services of an actual graphic designer ;)  NOTE: some readers may not be able to see certain fonts, namely Rock Salt and Kilogram. These will appear as Times New Roman for you.

So who am I?
After redesigning Boundless I’d like to reintroduce myself. I’m Julia, a type-A, strong-minded, foul-mouthed 22-year-old residing in Manhattan. I love leather, studs and everything punk-chic (think Balmain circa Spring 2011). Though I love transforming myself through clothes and makeup, I take a very natural/holistic approach to my diet and certain aspects of my beauty regimen. You most likely will find me rocking skinny jeans, combat boots, and rockstar hair—which, btw, is my bedhead—on my days off. In my free time I love people watching, attending art museums, and meandering around this marvelous city.

From this point forward: I’d like all of you to not be so afraid of me—I don’t bite, honest! Ask me questions, strike up a conversation with me, tell me if you hate something I post or compliment something you like that I’m doing.

I hope to hear from you all soon! In the meantime check out the blog’s new digs :)

Describing Your Personal Style

It can be difficult to cast a blanket statement on yourself, but honing in on what you think your personal style is can be a great crutch. Thinking of adjectives to describe your look or even the look you want to achieve can be helpful. I started trying to verbalize my style once I realized how complicated shopping could become. Once you define your style it allows you to recognize which brands you align with best, which designers pique your interest, and which color palettes appeal to you. For instance,

I tend to describe my own style as a mix of minimalism, avant garde, dark colors, leather, textures, cozy knits, long hemlines, structure, sleek, rockstar, bohemia, & androgynous at times.

Once I wrote those out, the words helped me realize what I look for most in clothing: textures, tailoring, and the fine details. It also helped me realize which designers piqued my interest and why:

If you aren’t the type for words, it may be better to create a mood board to see which styles attract your eye the most. Flip through the latest issues of Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Glamour, and W to see which editorial  spreads appeal to you most and tear them out for inspiration from time to time. Or, make a board on your Pinterest. Below are some of my pins from my style board “My Steez” that help me collect my thoughts:

Or if you just straight up don’t know where to begin, take a quiz! I took one on Harper’s Bazaar’s website and it was pretty dead-on:

You are an Avant-Garde.

As an avant-garde, your style oozes a sense of self-assured confidence. You prefer a bit of grit with your glamour, often adding tougher elements of leather and metal hardware to anchor the softer pieces of your outfits. Your wardrobe is a spectrum of neutrals from cream to ebony, enriched by touches of dark brooding hues and deep jewel tones. Despite your rebel without a cause approach, you still possess a clear sense of balanced refinement in your fashion choices. Drawing inspiration from rocker chic legends like Grace Jones, your personal style is an artful curation of bold edginess and understated elegance.


I’d love to hear how you define you! Comments are always more than welcome :)


Early-Fall Wish List

As I’m sure many of you know, my all time F A V O R I T E season is Fall. Aside from the beautiful leaves and the crisp air tousling your hair, I love the fashions that come with it: boots, scarves, leather jackets, darker colors, richer textures…what’s not to love? Just coming out of summer…here are a few things that have caught my eye already:

Top: Equipment silk blouse| Bottom: Burberry Brit jeans | Hoodie: American Apparel  | Watches: Nixon, Emporio Armani, Andrew Marc | Shoes: Converse high tops, Church’s lace ups  | Bag: Kooba hobo | Polishes: both OPI  | Skirt: black leather skirt…still searching for “that one”


As you can see, I try to keep my color palette as simple as possible. I tend to think it’s because my mind gets so…active and crazy and a million miles a minute that I need to keep my outfits as bare-min as possible as not to distract me throughout the day. Plus it makes for easy pairings in the a.m. :)

What are on your Fall wish lists?

The Carrie Bradshaw Effect

Though it may seem cliche to my New York readers, I haven’t been able to shake the Carrie Bradshaw style mystique since moving here. Aside from my own fascination with SJP’s character, I love the no-holds-bar kind of attitude she brings to her idea of style. She takes bold risks, she experiments with color and pattern, and she wears things that only could look good because Patricia Fields makes them look good.

One of her most memorable outfits for me is a Dior tee, a midi length colorblocked princess skirt, and a head full of soft ringlets (shown with two other similarly feminine looks). Maybe its because she’s so unapologetically feminine (and I’m the total opposite); Maybe its because I just cant seem to get enough of women with rebellious curls and waves. Who knows. But that one memory influenced an outfit recently and I was surprised by the feeling—emphasis on influenced. Lord knows I will never be that girly.
Top: ASOS top | Bottom: Pieces leather belt from ASOS, Uniqlo pleated skirt | Hat: Urban Outfitters fedora | Wrist: Burberry leather bracelet, vintage watch | Shoes: Sam Edelman ballet flats | Bag: Annabel Ingall clutch


I wore this outfit to a ladies’ lunch date this past week and I couldn’t help but notice how great it felt to rock something a tad out of my element, i.e. ladylike. I’m typically very comfortable in my standard “uniform” of black, white, leather, rock-star-dom, but since I was meeting a girlfriend at her office and then heading to lunch I thought I’d tone it down and make myself a bit more demure.

I would like to point out: Inspiring style aside, SATC as a whole presented awful messaging to women. Fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone has said, “destructive messaging for chicks is everywhere. it starts with Disney and continues right on up to Sex and the City, which, in my opinion, ruined New York women; there is nothing more depressing than seeing four supposedly liberated girlfriends tromping down the street in thousands of dollars’ worth of clothes looking like they just spent three hours getting ready to go out and meet men.” Stylistically speaking, the show did offer insight on how to embrace your personal look and let you be you, regardless of nauseating luxury price tags.

Photos via 1, 2

Kelly Cutrone quote via her first book If You Have to Cry Go Outside (pgs. 183-184)