Simple Bedroom Storage Re-do

Now that my boyfriend will be living with me this school year, we needed to make a few adjustments so that everything of ours could fit. Translation: I needed to redistribute a few things so he could have actual space for his clothes. This is just one of our redistribution projects :)

Knowing we won’t be staying in DC once I graduate, I wanted the simplest (read: cheapest) option possible. Off to Target we went!

To get a bit of an idea of what we were working with:

Yes, it was a mess. A box full of scarves, winter hats, and winter socks to the side; a stack of old magazines and the broken bottom half of my Macbook case, and the biggest eyesore of the lot: the bookcase. It contained a smorgasbord of old notebooks, more old magazines, printer paper, old ink cartridges, and the mixed mound of clean and questionable male laundry. I needed something that provided a clean aesthetic while still being easily accessible.

My solution:

After spending less than $40, I’m happy to say that it’s exactly what I needed. I bought these ClosetMaid bins along with this type of woven basket for the top shelf, and these ClosetMaid cubes for the bottom shelf. I already owned the DVD basket–got that from IKEA last year.

For side-by-side comparison:

Much better, right?