Island Dreamin’

This time last year my boyfriend and I were starting to plan our Spring Break. Now that I’ve graduated, my mind hasn’t caught up with the fact that there is no designated week off in March. Ahh, Sint Maartin, how I would love to still be digging my toes in your sands… Anywho, the New York chill has me longing for island temps, but with no vacation time in sight I thought I’d be nice to all you chillins who do still have the pleasure of Spring Break.

To minimize packing you need to think strategically: how can you make one outfit look like 3 different ones? Below I’ve taken a cute long sleeve maxi dress to show how to take it from a beach coverup in the day to a rockin boho goddess by night.
POST Island Dreamin
While spending time at the beach, keep things simple with a wide brim floppy hat to protect your face, neck, and upper chest from the sun. Throw on a string bikini, simple wrap sandals, and a cute tribal fringe tote and you’re ready to go!

To take your look from day to night, strip off the day’s wears and prep for your evening out by gussying up a bit. Slather on a bronze shimmer oil, like the NARS one shown above. Since you’ll be in a tropical setting (hopefully) keep you makeup to the bare-min essentials: bronzer, waterproof mascara, and coral lip gloss. Transfer your evening-necessities to a cute embellished clutch, slip on a gold cocktail ring, long medallion necklace, tassel earrings for jewelry. Strap on your tall gladiator sandals and you’re ready for the night :)

S/S 2014 NYFW — Richard Chai

As you all know, I attended Richard Chai’s show last week at the start of NYFW. The show itself was surreal—very minimalist set design: white runway, clean entryway for the models, and a cheery color palette. The rush of people (see panoramic pic below), the literal wall of press photographers, the celebrities, the commercialism…really took away from the experience overall, but more on that later in this post. The garments themselves had very soft geometric lines, nautical color palette, and gently voluminous silhouettes.Though I’m partial towards the leather jackets that accompanied the garments, it was a refreshing collection to see.

What you may not know is that I am now a marketing intern for fashion brand Andrew Marc. The leather jackets that were worn by the models at Richard’s show were part of the Andrew Marc x Richard Chai collection. This beaut is my all-time favorite piece from the show, pic taken backstage:

Beautifully crafted clothes aside, there was one aspect to the day that bothered me: the large group of people—with cameras in hand—gathered outside of Lincoln Center just waiting to see who exited the building next. Who are they wearing? Are they worthy of a Street Style credit? Who do they work for? Are they someone famous? Hell, I got asked by eight different people to take a picture of my hair, my shoes, my face, and only one full-body pic. Random strangers have shots of me that may or may not be posted somewhere online, but more importantly: Who cares about what this intern is wearing?? New York Times writer, Eric Wilson, writes: “This scene is increasingly what people come for at Fashion Week, and its impact on the business is the subject of some debate.” It pains me to know that at the start of my career in fashion, the industry has already begun to think like this. The over-sensationalism of Fashion Week (or month depending on your job) has become the norm. But if people inside the industry are thinking that it’s fluffed up, what are all of you non-industry-folks thinking? Is the end of Fashion Week looming in the near future?

I tend to think of runway shows as live art exhibitions. To own a designer’s garment is the privilege to adorn your body with their masterpiece. — My own thoughts

Photos via my Instagram/iPhone

Spring Break Checklist + Packing Tips

With my school’s Spring Break next week, I think now would be a good time to address a few things: what to pack and things to keep in mind when packing. Below are a few must’s on my list. What are yours?

My Checklist:

  • ∞  Bathing suit (or two)
  • ∞  SPF 30+ sunblock
  • ∞  Open-knit sweater for beach coverup
  • ∞  Shades
  • ∞  Hat
  • ∞  Flip flops + cute sandals
  • ∞  Linen shirt + pants
  • ∞  Shorts
  • ∞  Crossbody bag

1. When packing for a one-week-long vacation, the last thing you want to do is over pack. There is no need to pay to check your bag—you shouldn’t be bringing that much stuff! The very most you should be bringing is 1 rolling suitcase for your overhead bin and a carry-on to keep at your feet. This should provide you plenty of room for clothing plus additional souvenirs to bring home :)

2. Hello interchangeable separates!! Think neutrals & fairly similar “themed” pieces. When I’m on vacation I make sure that everything is very easy going and anything BUT high maintenance. Linen pants, linen shirt, denim shorts, boho white blouse, and flow-y dresses that don’t cling. While you’re relaxing in a warmer climate the last thing you want to worry about is over-heating, sweat stains, belly bulge, or looking too trendy. Take the basic approach—you want to be focusing on the scenery, not on your outfit.

3. Why do I have one bathing suit top and two different bottoms? The low-rise side tie option is for actually lounging at the beach and soaking up some sun. The high-rise vintage cut option allows for a bit more versatility: if you’re going to be on or near the beach and know that you will be going to a boardwalk restaurant/bar afterwards these offer more coverage and a hot-pant look that can transition well with your light sweater or linen button down shirt over them. Throw on your shades and a long strand necklace and you’ve got yourself a pretty cute outfit!

4. Don’t pack super-clingy clothes! Not only will they be a pain getting on and off if you’re salty or sweaty, but they will make you sweat more and you’ll feel packed like a sausage. I’m specifically referring to skinny jeans, but a tight dress can be just as uncomfortable, depending on the length and weight of the fabric.

5. Don’t bother with heels. Unless you honestly know exactly what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be walking, heels will be far more trouble than they’re worth. Not to mention take up far more room in your bag than a pair of flat sandals! Save your feet (and some room) by opting for 1 pair of flip flops and 1 pair of cute flat sandals. If you really want some boost in height choose wedges over stilettos, maybe even a lower pair of espadrilles or flatforms :)


Wherever you ladies and gents are off to for your Spring Break, do you have any packing tips or tricks to share?

Spring Wishlist

 Spring can’t seem to come fast enough. The bitter weather here in D.C. makes me yearn for bright sunshine, lighter layers, + longer days, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’ve been craving next season so much I’ve already started my spring shopping to lift my mood—you should try it: looking at the airy colors puts you in a much better mindset! Above are some of the key pieces I am hunting for this spring.

From left to right: a tailored white suit or suit separates, a darker floral crop top, a white leather harness that can double as a white leather belt, a cognac leather clutch, a colorblocked luxury tote (this will be a graduation gift to myself :) ), a light tan leather biker jacket, a textured high-waisted navy blue skirt, and ladylike white pumps or wedges. Each one will play in nicely into my wardrobe of basic black because this year’s challenge is to  make my wardrobe more spring friendly. Happy hunting shopping!