Dreams DO Come True…

…to those who work their asses off.

Or so the saying goes 🙂 Today marks the end of my 3rd week at my first full-time job, post-college. My wonderful work-fam at Andrew Marc hired me as their new Sales & Marketing Assistant after interning in the Marketing department for 6 months. Phew! I thought I’d never see the day I have a salary + health benefits. They didn’t waste any time either—I came back to the team in the midst of fashion industry chaos: Trade Show season, planning our next #NYFW runway show, planning in-store events…13-hour days don’t even begin to explain the amount of planning that goes into these things!

That being said, you can almost assume what I’ll say next. Yup, you got it: this is an ever-changing blog with my ever-changing life. As always, feel free to drop me a line—I always love to hear from you ladies and gents! But know, it may take me a lil’ longer than usual to get back to you (I tend to neglect my laptop after working a 10+ hour day. Can you blame me?).

I Never Dreamed About Success...Estee Lauder quote

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