Unlike what the title suggests, Boundless Beauty is not a beauty blog; it is an online creative outlet for me, Julia Rhault. Boundless is an online amalgamation of fashion collages, beauty tips + reviews, style muses, DIY strokes-of-genius, healthy recipes, shopping tidbits, and whatever else is on my mind.

I love putting together a final look with my own spin. From my own wardrobe, to home decor, to the showrooms at work, I share my passion in all aspects of my life. A self-proclaimed tomboy, I gravitate more towards the sleek, the black+white, the minimalist, the grungy, and the avant-garde. Though I shy away from anything deemed “too girly,” I love making women feel and look beautiful regardless of their style or taste.

I especially love helping other women gain more confidence so they can look and feel their very best—feel boundlessly beautiful. Boundless was started in 2012 as an online reference for girlfriends who didn’t know how to achieve certain makeup looks, incorporating trends into their undergrad wardrobe, or which brands make fun but practical undergarment solutions (remember this post?). Since then, Boundless has transformed into an online extension of me—my inner workings, my dream pieces, and sometimes even a peek at my artistic side.


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F.W 2014 NYFW outisde Lincoln Center