Creating Your Perfect Vanity

I’m writing about this because it never occurred to me that all women don’t do this…and too many friends have complimented my bedroom for me to feel comfortable not commenting on this.

My mantra in life is There is beauty in everything, let me help you see that. That alone kinda tells you that I value beauty and beautiful things; I seek out, consume, write about, photograph, wear, create, read about, gift to others and adorn myself with beautiful things. That being said, what woman doesn’t love and appreciate beautiful things?

Back to the matter at hand…

Is the space that you make yourself beautiful—your vanity—itself a pretty space? Does it reflect you and your style? Do you enjoy doing your makeup and getting ready in this space, or does it feel monotonous and routine? I ask because these are my spaces:

I thoroughly enjoy getting ready because each space is pleasing to the eye but still simple and organized while reflecting my personal style–a lot is crammed into these small spaces. It’s not your space until you add a few personal touches. I have a fascination with Native American culture, nature, and feathers; you see two dreamcatchers, feathers, bowls and dishes made of natural woods and stones, a jewelry stand in the shape of a tree branch, an art print of a tattooed woman with antlers–you know this is my space because it reflects a lot of me.

Having a decorated vanity is not for everyone–some prefer completely cleared surfaces while others prefer just to have the essentials displayed with no decor. I particularly like adding my personal flare to a space. It’s relatively easy to do, but it’s best built over time allowing you to curate your items from wherever whenever you please. My items are a range: jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters, catch-all dishes from Crate & Barrel, candles from Whole Foods & Anthropologie, art print bought on, large dreamcatcher custom-made from an artist on Etsy, I bought the small dreamcatcher on a trip to Taos, New Mexico…and those are just the items from my bureau! I always try to incorporate sentimental items with organizational items and the quirky “Julia, only you would have that” items to make each of my spaces unique.

A note on why I do it: I love to have open space and cleared surfaces; a room feels much cleaner, airier, and my eye doesn’t get distracted and drawn to the clutter. I know that’s not too realistic, so I strive for a happy medium between cleared surfaces and clutter: my organized decor approach. Enough to feel lived-in while still being neat and tidy to avoid the cluttered feel. A tidy space allows me to focus more on the things I need to do–cutting down on the clutter prevents me from getting too distracted.

  • I just believe in the motivational aspect to it:
  • who wants to be making themselves pretty if their space to do it isn’t pretty?

Oh, and…

…Because it’s okay to be a little vain sometimes

Simple Bedroom Storage Re-do

Now that my boyfriend will be living with me this school year, we needed to make a few adjustments so that everything of ours could fit. Translation: I needed to redistribute a few things so he could have actual space for his clothes. This is just one of our redistribution projects 🙂

Knowing we won’t be staying in DC once I graduate, I wanted the simplest (read: cheapest) option possible. Off to Target we went!

To get a bit of an idea of what we were working with:

Yes, it was a mess. A box full of scarves, winter hats, and winter socks to the side; a stack of old magazines and the broken bottom half of my Macbook case, and the biggest eyesore of the lot: the bookcase. It contained a smorgasbord of old notebooks, more old magazines, printer paper, old ink cartridges, and the mixed mound of clean and questionable male laundry. I needed something that provided a clean aesthetic while still being easily accessible.

My solution:

After spending less than $40, I’m happy to say that it’s exactly what I needed. I bought these ClosetMaid bins along with this type of woven basket for the top shelf, and these ClosetMaid cubes for the bottom shelf. I already owned the DVD basket–got that from IKEA last year.

For side-by-side comparison:

Much better, right?